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Adsense Make Money Tutorial



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Wouldn't you like to make money round the clock while your enjoying time with family, friends and your hobbies? Google Adsense allows you to earn passive income which means the work you put in today could continue to earn you money days, weeks and years to come. The best way to start a successful Adsense campaign is by using the research tools provided by Google.


When someone clicks on an ad on your Google Adsense pages you want to make sure those ads are the highest paying ads possible. But the ads are useless if you don't have substantial traffic coming in. Pay Per Click Marketing is one way to drive traffic to your website. When using Adwords Marketing for Adsense you need to gauge how many clicks you can expect to receive for the Cost Per Click you plan to pay. This isn't rocket Science and Google does a terrific job of explaining exactly how it works.


Here is how I do it:


After I've saved a notepad file of words and phrases from the Adwords Management tool for keywords I copy and paste them to the Traffic Estimator. I then use the appropriate symbols for "match exact phrase" & "match exact term only. If you don't want an ad to show for a certain phrase you would use the "don't match this term" symbol. This would be for those words in your market that are spelled the same way but have an entirely different meaning.


Click here for the Traffic Estimator Tool.


For instance: if your market is "Grizzly Bears" you wouldn't want your ad showing for searches performed on
"Chicago Bears". Although your ad would be specific to Grizzly Bears you want to limit every possible chance of your ad appearing in the wrong search results.


google Traffic Estimator screen shot


The second required entry on the Adsense traffic estimator tool is choosing a CPC or Cost Per Click. Select the lowest cost possible to not only see how little you will have to pay for first page placement but also "Per Click".


The third option; "choose a daily budget is optional meaning it has no direct measure on how many clicks per day you can expect to see. This option is good to use when you want to limit your expense when you start your marketing campaign.


The fourth required option is to select targeting. You can choose multiple languages, cities, countries, regions, etc. This is a very useful option if you know your market is densely populated in a certain locale or area.


After you have entered all of the required information and click "continue" you will receive the results. The beauty of using this tool is that you can go back and make changes in CPC, keywords, target locations, etc to best gauge the value of a market. Another great advantage is that although you can use it to tailor your Adwords Marketing campaign you can also use it to better target your marketing efforts.


traffic estimator results screen shot


This is only an example, you could find results with much higher Estimated Clicks Per Day but with the same "Average or lower CPC". You can use the same high click low cost keywords in your HTML Meta tags, the content of your Adsense page and in your PPC campaigns.



By no means is this Adsense strategy the "end all" to market research but it is the start to finding out if there is an online interest in whatever business you may be considering taking online. The small Cost Per Click (investment) you pay for Adwords will be doubled most times tripled (R.O.I) when visitors click on the Adsense ads on your well optimized webpage.


Check this out; under the "earnings" category you see I made $1.66 off of one Adsense Ad click on my webpage.


meta adsense screenshot


Under the "current bid" category you see I only paid .05 cent for the click that earned me $1.66. This was 3 days after the page was put on the web.



When was the last time you made 320% on an investment?


This means you end up paying nothing for the Google Ad (PPC).


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Of course you can get more if you invest more but as I previously stated, you have to limit your risk and optimize your website's so your either getting a click on the Adsense ad, a sale or a signup to your email list (in some cases you will get 2 out of the 3). Once you have the proper measures in place the sky is the limit on what you can make; BUT START SMALL AND WORK YOUR WAY UP!


Without this strategy you will be "flying blind" so to speak. Don't make simple mistakes when starting an online business, use all of the marketing tools at your disposal, especially those that do not cost you any money.


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Adsense Make Money Tutorial

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