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"Learn How To Achieve Your Business Goals Through Enticing Sales Page/Capture Page Content That Builds A Targeted Customer Base. With This Marketing Plan; You Will Build An Internet Business With Responsive And Loyal Customers."



Get 4 Free Sales Page Design Templates, 5 Squeeze Page Design Templates And An Easy To Follow 114 Page Marketing Plan Tutorial At No Cost. Learn how to get into the minds of your market or any market. I Will Show You Marketing Concepts That Will Attract And Retain Your Market. This Plan Is For New And Existing Businesses.


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Hello Entrepreneur,


My name is Will Moore. My Internet business interests lead me to earn a Bachelors of Science degree in eBusiness. This was the spring board to my interest in Internet Marketing. Through the years I've had the opportunity to form relationships with many online business owners. Among other things, I've learnt that most Internet Marketers have different services but they all have one commonality awesome Sales page which allowed them to build a huge opt in email list of responsive subscribers.


Through my relationships and a ton of reading and research, I have been able to obtain (and put to use) marketing strategies of the top Internet Marketing professionals. I've also added and tested some of my own strategies that have complemented what I've learned. While working as a full time Computer and Networked Systems Technician I began to see many of my online friends make more money in one month than I made in a year. Although I was happy for them and their families I was upset with myself because I had the same Marketing Plan but I had not consistently and patiently allowed it to reach the market.


Unlike brick and mortar businesses, online businesses will allow you to earn profits 24 hours a day 7 days a week. None of this is possible without conveying the right message to your prospects and customers. The most amazing experience is when you wake up in the morning, check your email account and see 100's of orders have been processed (while you slept soundly).


The tutorial I'm offering you will provide more information than just learning how to Build A Capture Page. This tutorial is packed with marketing strategies that will walk you through how to build a lasting relationship with your market. Building an excellent rapport with your prospects will give you the opportunity to offer them products and services you know they are interested in and willing to pay for.


Unfortunately you cannot write a winning capture page, sales page, landing page or squeeze page without marketing research. This is why at the very least you can rest assured that after today you will know the psychology behind how to get more of your market to buy from you today and in the future.


The only way to teach you how to build a capture page is by first ensuring you know more than just the generalities. The Tutorial will teach you the back-end research techniques that will ensure the content on your page is what your market is searching for.


Without these techniques you will not be able to effectively write an enticing capture page. My Marketing Newsletter builds on the tutorial by showing you how to write specific, relevant and enticing Capture Page content (based off of your marketing research) that will have visitors ready to not only buy your product on the spot but to also signup to your email list and buy related products in the future.


...speaking of "list building", whether your webpage is a capture, squeeze, sales or landing page you should have an autoresponder set up, NO EXCEPTIONS! Sure, the quick sell is a proven technique that works but a wise person once said that it is easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to sell to a new one. In my tutorial I teach you how to set up and effectively use an autoresponder.


"I considered myself a savvy Internet Marketer but after hitting a plateau I realized I didn't know as much as I thought.


After reading Will's tutorial and putting it together with the information in his Newsletters I was able to increase my sales and signup's to my list by 40% in the first 7 months.


At first it wasn't easy to consistently stick to the plan but after 2 months it was as easy as putting on my shoes everyday."


You would be amazed at how simple it is to sell your product and its related products and services to someone who is truly interested in buying it. You have a product or service that you believe in and the market has shown a need for. Now all you need to know is how do you get them to buy from you and not your competition. The next step in the process is to get into the minds of your prospects.


Here is how you do it:

  1. Create a desire for the product.
    • For example: Our cool, refreshing milk chocolate will send tingles down your spine while your taste buds explode with excitement as you indulge in the creamy milk chocolate made from fresh locally grown cocoa. Come see why everyone has switched to the best milk chocolate on the planet. If you are not 100% satisfied just return the product to the store with the receipt and empty wrapper for a full refund.

What makes this passage so enticing is the fact that it appeals to the readers desire and explains how they will benefit from your product. Also, it appeals to peoples need to be part of something "come see why everyone". Lastly it eases their fear of forking over their hard earned money by offering a hefty money back guarantee.


Sign up to my list now and I will show you how to construct a plan that will get you the most money in your pocket 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Learn how to get your prospects excited and willing to give you their money in exchange for your fantastic product or service.


Once your capture page saturates the market the scenario will go something like this; You spend the day doing what you normally do, family time, gardening, fishing, exercising, or whatever it is you do to enjoy yourself. You turn in for bed after a long relaxing day of enjoyable activities. The next morning you check your bank account to find


The #1 reason why Marketing Plans fail is because of impatience? Some marketing plans take up to a year to actually catch and keep the attention of its market. I said this to say that if your research behind your marketing plan is solid don't cut an run after you do not see skyrocketing results in the first 90 days.


Top Guerrilla Marketer Jay C. Levinson worked with his team to get a company who ranked 35th in their market to number rank #1. Although the marketing campaign was outstanding it took over 2 years of consistently running the same campaigns and promotions before their rankings climbed to #1. If it had not been for the patience of the company Executives and being able to recognize a solid marketing plan they may have changed strategies.


Consistency and patience are two of the key components to your success in any online business. But once your efforts have been allowed to mature "bank deposit" will become a common phrase in your vocabulary.


"If there is an offline market for a product or service there is also an online market."


What the quote above means is that if you are tired of seeing a particular commercial, radio advertisement, billboard add, etc stop and think for a minute...


Would someone continuously advertise something that wasn't profitable? ...and if it has caught your attention it more than likely has caught someone else's attention as well. This is a duel lesson, it teaches you that persistence in marketing puts the product in the minds of the Market. Also, it can give you an idea of a market to enter.


All businesses whether online or brick and mortar keep in touch with their market through traditional marketing methods such as:

  • Newspaper sales pages
  • Catalogs
  • Direct mail
  • Television and radio commercials
  • Handbills
  • Telemarketing
  • Billboards

The problem with traditional marketing is that their is no way of really targeting your market. Sure, if you buy a car they can send you coupons for service and support. Most companies pay endless amounts of money to advertise on shows that really have nothing to do with their product in hopes of catching their market. This is known as Broad Marketing. Internet marketing has the advantage of being able to find and only market to those who are interested in your product. This is doable offline it just takes more time.


My tutorial and Newsletter will teach you how to:


Find profitable online markets.

Find or create products you can offer or sell them that are relevant to their needs.

Build a Lead Capture Mechanism. Not only your landing page but your article pages need to act as a capture page.

Compile a useful "giveaway products". These are products that people will enjoy receiving for no cost thereby building trust and good relations with your market.

How to keep in touch with your market via relevant social networks, blogs, forums, Newsletters & ezines.

How to create, maintain and grow your email optin subscriber list.

Create a marketing campaign storyboard.

Split test the content and style of your Capture Page.

Measure the success of your Marketing Strategies.

Analyze and tweak the various branches of your Marketing Campaign based on their performance.

Consistently market your product (by following your marketing plan!).

Practice patience which will allow your marketing plan to marinate throughout your market.


No business should start without a proper Marketing Plan. Just because a few people are interested in a product or service doesn't mean that it can be turned into a profitable long term business. If you do the proper Marketing Research your product will sell itself all you have to do is promote it.


Don't you want your business to have all mechanisms in place that will allow you to focus on product development? Without a product or service people want you can't make any money right? The more quality products your have the better your odds are that you will attract new and repeat customers.


If you spend all of your time starting and stopping Marketing Campaigns before they mature you will fail to see profitable results. If your Marketing Research is done right you can spend less time marketing and more time developing new products or getting into new markets.


"Your decision to start a business should be based on the marketability and usability of your product."


Some of the Marketing Tips in the No Cost Marketing Plan shows you how to use the power of free keyword tools, and other outlets to determine how marketable your product is. My Newsletter has other not so common no cost marketing research and promotion techniques that will solidify whether or not you have a marketable product and how to write content that keeps readers interested.


This tutorial also trains you on Opt in email marketing. Marketing via Autoresponder's is one of the best additions to any Internet business; but when doing business online it should be your core business. Optin means that the subscribers have chosen to be a part of your email list. To "Capture" your market you first have to have a sign-up form on every page of your website. Second, your content has show them not only do you have what they are looking for but they can't find a better deal anywhere else.


You can have the most attractive landing page on earth, the best product and awesome web page content...but if you don't know how to get users to your website your missing part of the puzzle.


"You Need More Than Just Build A Capture Page Training"


You also need instruction on how to promote your capture page. You can have awesome capture page content but if you do not know how to get people to your page then spiders will move in and create cobwebs and tumble weeds will begin to form giving your website the Ghost Town Effect.


Whether your a beginner or advanced marketer, the information in this tutorial will complement your online business. No experience necessary ...GAURANTEED!


My marketing plan shows you how to implement a Direct Marketing campaign which targets only those people interested in your product or service. Using the power of opt in direct email you will have an audience of targeted prospects to market relevant products to for years to come.


With email marketing:

  • You can track where your prospects come from.
  • Identify what page on your website gets the most sign ups.
  • Target geographic areas.
  • Segment your subscribers by interests.
  • Split test your marketing campaigns.
  • ...and more.

If you currently have a product or service and Marketing Plan based on solid research the sky is the limit on what you can make online. I am not offering you a tutorial based off of hype and boasting nor am I baiting you to sign up my email list so I can bombard you with sales letter after sales letter. I want you to get the no cost 114 page tutorial and Newsletter which besides what I mentioned above will teach you:

  • What is an autoresponder.
  • Which email marketing software you should use?
  • How to set up your web site structure.
  • How to set up your web site content.
  • How to create a Capture Page.
  • How to create traffic generating Web Site Content.
  • How to promote your website
  • How to survey your subscribers (for better marketability).
  • How to make enticing/relevant follow up autoresponder's (messages for your list).
  • and much more...

No matter what your skill level or previous failed attempts, if you have made it to this website you are closer to becoming an Elite Online Entrepreneur.


"The information contained in this report is valued at $97.00. My Marketing Newsletter will soon become a paid members only list. For a limited time I'm offering the report at No Cost to the first 700 subscribers."


Why for "a limited time only"?


Because the information is too valuable to give away indefinitely.


Then why give it away at all?


Because I believe you are heading in the right direction with your online business but the information you have received thus far wasn't explained in a manner that directly related to what you are trying to accomplish..


Whatever the reason, the information in this tutorial is practical and explained step by step in simple terms. Its not a bunch of Hype that uses your greed to bait you into signing up (you know, screen shots of how I made thousands of dollars in one day from my email list).


It's a fact that even with the right information most people are skeptical, just don't follow directions well and will always try to cut corners, those people will not benefit from this information.


My hope is that this information will help you to achieve your Internet Business goals.


Whether your a beginner or advanced marketer, the information in this tutorial will complement your online business. No experience necessary. ..GAURANTEED!

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Best Regards,

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